Water ProjectConstruction of dlink and damsConstruction of the tank dam and dependent facilities of Sivand


Subject: Construction of the tank dam and dependent facilities of Sivand

Place of execution: Province of Fars, PKM 80 north of Shiraz

Client: Ministry of Energy, Regional Water Organization of Fars

Consultant: Consulting engineers Sakkou

Description: Sivand Tank Dam is located at a distance of 80 km northeast of Shiraz, from 14 km northwest of Saadat Shahr, in the province of Fars. The project includes a dam embankment with clay core and rock fill with a tank capacity of 255 million cubic meters with an arch length of 600 meters, 10 meters wide and up to 57 meters with the construction of withholding water up to the height of 33 meters and an irrigation tunnel length of 354 meters and 3.5 meters in diameter with a discharge concrete in the form of a horseshoe to the length of 246 meters and the fall of 40 meters in width and flow rate of 6000 cubic meters per second and over 3.5 km of tunnel and gallery providing access and injection. These parts are built despite the alluvial layers, and the total length of 90 km to the curtain retaining water under the dam, confirming the Sivand Dam as one of the most exclusive blocks of its kind which is placed in service now.

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