Water ProjectConstruction of dlink and damsConstruction of the diversion dam Djaguine

Subject: Construction of the diversion dam Djaguine

Place of execution: Hormozgan Province, a distance of 40 Km from the port of Jask

Client: Ministry of Energy, Regional Water Organization of Hormozgan

Consultant: Consulting engineers Yekom

Description: Located at a distance of 40 Km from the port of Jask, excavation of 3 million cubic meters and embankment of .3 million cubic meters, concrete slabs and retaining channels with a volume of 105 thousand cubic meters, bridge construction passage of vehicles reinforced by concrete with two lines crossing at the top of the arch and the derivation of the main road Jask- Tchabahar to the bridge above, construction of the canal water transfer with a capacity of 4 cubic meters per second and length of 5831 meters. Financing of this contract is made by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), in order of 85% in riyals and 15% in currency. The project is awarded through an international tender with the participation of 14 companies. This project is already completed and the dam is operational.

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