Pars Garma Construction & Industrial Co. , by his experiences, is active in various sectors of civil engineering such as construction of dikes and dams, execution of irrigation and drainage, road construction, bridge construction, drilling and tunnel construction, heavy construction built of concrete and metal, the construction of social housing, and design and construction of production plants. This company serving specialized human resources and experienced, is able to take part in reconstruction projects, renovation and economic development in Iran and also in the export of technical expertise and engineering to countries foreigners.

The great potential of human resources and also the means of society in terms of machinery and equipment are responsible for carrying out various projects in various sectors, which are made successfully and with good quality in the fastest time. The exemplary commitment of the company to deliver the highest quality in project implementation is the assurance of a prestigious image of our company with the owners.

Pars Garma Construction & Industrial Co., as part of the implementation of infrastructure projects, is working with the ministry of energy, the oil ministry, the ministry of roads and transport, the ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the mayor of Tehran, the Organization of Social Security and other public and private organizations throughout Iran.

Pars Garma Construction & Industrial Co. benefits of a grade of competence and ability as a contractor in the disciplines of civil engineering, grade established by the Department of planning and strategic control of the Presidency of the Republic of Iran, in the following order:

Grade 1 in the water sector

Grade 1 in the roads and transport sector

Grade 1 in the building sector

Grade 1 in the facilities and equipment sector

Grade 1 in the Industry and Mine sector

Given the valuable experience of the company, potential project implementation, equipment and machines appropriate and good financial ability of the company, it is able to accomplish with the highest quality the EPC projects at national level and internationally, and where appropriate, in partnership with Iranian and foreign companies.

Pars Garma Construction & Industrial Co. , has obtained by the year 2003, certificates of IMS with integrated management of the German DQS in the following order:

Quality management system ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .. ISO 9001: 2008

Environmental management system ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ISO 14001: 2007

Management system of safety and professional health ... . .. .... OHSAS 18001: 2007

System of risk management and financial resources ... ... . ..... RF 9000: 2003

Relationship management system and monitoring of customer complaints ... DIN ISO 10002: 2005

EFQM Excellence Model and the Diploma of Excellence 4 stars.

Pars Garma Construction & Industrial Co., using the skills above, is active in the following areas:

1 - Construction of dikes and dams, implementation of irrigation and drainage

2 - Construction of roads

3 - Construction of bridges

4 - Drilling and construction of the tunnel

5 - Construction of concrete and metal buildings

6 - Construction of social housing and residential complexes




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